Enhancing Resilience of Vulnerable Costal Areas & Communities to Climate Change Project

07 Jan 2015

This Study Report has been prepared for the NEA/UNDP within the context of the GEF funded Enhancing Resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Areas and Communities to Climate Change Project, which essentially aims to support coastal and wetland communities to develop coping strategies, and to build their resilience to address climate induced changes within their environment. Specifically, the Report will develop approaches to organize and support the trial of fisheries activities, and monitor the trialing over a year’s period in selected wetland communities within the coastal zone of The Gambia.


  • About 80 percent of the standing bio-mass is usually consumed by bush fires every year.
  • Conservation of natural resources in the wetlands is a fundamental responsibility of the state, and consequently, the traditional reliance on support from the government

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