Our Funding and Delivery

Where our money comes from and what we spend it on?

UNDP funds generally come from Regular (or Core resources) as well as Non Core. Depending on the APL (Authorized Programming Levels) agreed and set for Gambia, regular resources, commonly known as TRAC (Target for Resource Assignment from the Core) are allocated for the country office through the Country Programme Action Plan (2012 -2016).

Non-core resources on the other hand comprise other funds including C/S (cost sharing), contributions from bilaterals, multilaterals and other UN agencies.

In recent years, various donors who have supported our work immensely for very important development work include Government of Spain, EU (European Union) and GEF (Global Environmental Fund). Going forward in 2014 emphasis will be placed on attarcting funding through robust resource mobilisation guided by a dynamic strategy to improve the CO's activities.

Development Contribution by Donor for Gambia

Fiscal yearDonorTotal Contribution
2009GOVERNMENT OF SPAIN$770,000.00
2010GOVERNMENT OF SPAIN$2,680,000.00
2011GOVERNMENT OF SPAIN$350,000.00

Report the most recent programme delivery. This information can be pulled using the Atlas module below if the data is up-to-date, otherwise, please use a table module to add the information mannually.

Programme Delivery for Gambia

Programme Delivery 2009 Programme Delivery 2010 Programme Delivery 2011 Programme Delivery 2012 Programme Delivery 2013
$3,741,435.08 $5,295,473.28 $4,223,044.48 $2,651,169.31 $3,150,236.74

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