Access to best practices for civil service reform at national and local levels facilitated


Holding dialogue with the Government on lessons learnt from the piloted Public Service Reform (PSR) and the way forward; strengthening volunteering infrastructure to address existing human resources capacity gaps and encourage transfer of skills; continue to support the implementation of e-governance for effective and efficient public service delivery in support of the implementation of Civil Service Reform Strategy (CSR); and supporting the upgrade of skills and training of existing civil servants and civil service oriented institutions such as MDI for performance-based management.


The revised Management Development Institute (MDI) staff scheme and services enhanced the staff’s motivation and attracted compliance and efficient staff for retention. The upgraded internet facility in MDI made easy and better accessibility of internet and web based knowledge to the staff, trainers and trainees.

The provision of a national volunteer coordinator and office equipment for VolNet made the secretariat active and functional. The newly established Rural Community Information Center (RCIC) in Central River Region (CRR) with the facility of 30 computers and internet has trained 25 local level government staffs and made internet, email and voice chat services available to the local communities. The 12 day training enhanced skills of 17 MDAs staff on Web Portal and a Government Web Portal and all MDAs Website are on new Drupal platform and located on e-Govt data Center Web Server.


The project is financed by UNDP and the budget is $910,000. Delivery by end of 2013 was 99.88%.

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