Support to the strengthening of the Parliamentary Electoral Process in The Gambia 2017


The constitutional of the Gambia provides for the conduct of parliamentary election four (4) months after the conclusion of Presidential election. UNDP provided technical and advisory support to the successful organization of the of the December 2016 Presidential elections in Gambia; which ushered in a seven party coalition government; Following lessons learnt from the last electoral cycle and the December 2016 Presidential Election, it was evident that in order to consolidate the gains made in the conduct of credible and transparent elections, continued support was required for the organization of the 2017 parliamentary elections. This would ensure adherence to international standards of electoral management of the first post-transition election event in the Gambia. The UNDP/EU support to the 2017 Parliamentary electoral process of The Gambia focused on the following areas:

1.       Training of polling staff

2.       Voter education

3.       Election observation

4.       Elections Logistical support


    • Training of 149 election officials (Assistant Returning Officers (AROs) /political party agents and police commissioners) to undertake their supervisory roles effectively
    • training was conducted for 5,700 polling staff  to effectively handle the tasks in the polling and counting processes
    • Voter education through radio and television panels and talk-shows in four major languages of English, Madinka, Wolof and Fula. Distribution of advocacy materials with election related messages. These activities targeted over 800,000 voters in The Gambia. 
    • Distribution of 10,000 voter education T-Shirts. This provided visibility and publicity on the National Assembly Elections of April 2017.
    • Re-training of thirty (30) election conflict monitors to monitor and report incidents that pose a threat to peace and security in the pre, during and post electoral context.
    • One hundred and ninety-five (195) domestic election observers were also trained on election observation.
    • Eight (8) individuals were trained on Early Warning and Early Response to constitute the National Election Early Warning and Response Group (NEEWARG). The NEEWARG was established to discuss, develop and recommend response strategies to violent threats to the April 6th,2017.
    • Risk mapping of electoral hotspots: Indices specific to election or election related activities that could threaten the peaceful conduct of the April 6 election were identified.
    • Operationalization of Election Situation Room (ESR):  The CSO Coalition monitored elections for the third electoral cycle in a row, providing timely and analyzed data to critical stakeholders including the Police and the IEC.
    • Support to the hiring of 178 vehicles, which facilitated the timely deployment of election staff and materials to polling stations and prompt collection of polling stations’ results.


o   United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)            USD 101.000

o   European Union (EU)                                                         USD 232,558


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