UNDP attends the 11th Edition National Youth Conference (NAYCONF)

Dec 17, 2014

Minister of Youths & Sports, presenting award to UNDP Resident Representative in recognition of UNDP's close collaboration with youths of The Gambia (Photo Credit: Cecilia Senghore - UNDP)

UNDP Resident Representative, Ade Mamonyane Lekoetje,   attended the 11th Edition National Youth Conference (NAYCONF) held at Jarra Soma, Lower River Region on the 13th  of December 2014. During her opening speech, UNDP Representative highlighted  some of UNDP’s contribution towards the development of youths in this country.

UNDP is proud to be a close partner in the youth development in the country as demonstrated through our fruitful cooperation. This year alone, UNDP supported the Ministry in Revision of the National Youth policy, National Youth Council Act and the formulation of the youth sectoral strategy. Above all UNDP is supporting two flagship project i.e. Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (Dot EMPRETEC) and the Songhai –Gambia project all targeting over fifty percent youth beneficiaries. The Two projects have total funding of US$3.5 million. This in addition to funding the current NAYCONF. This shows UNDP’s unflinching support and partnership with the government of The Gambia to address youth development and prosperity.

Therefore this conference is not only important as a dialogue forum- voice platform for youth and development issues, but offers opportunity for the youth to understand the population dividend as a nation moving from the pre-transition to early transition and its key investment requirements. The population dividend will be realized when young people are healthy and educated and equipped to seize opportunities, when more resources are available for productive investment, when per capita incomes and standards of living rise and when poverty is reduced. Investing in youth can enable developing countries like The Gambia to reap a demographic dividend, which can help reduce poverty and raise living standards.

UNDP is supporting two flagship project.a) Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (Dot EMPRETEC) and b) Songhai –Gambia     project all tar    geting over fifty percent youth     beneficiaries.

UNDP Representative reaffirm UNDP’s commitment to the Government of The Gambia efforts in promoting and supporting youth development as one of the only sure ways for poverty eradication, economic and sustainable development of the country.

For more information on EMPRETEC, click here to download the Project document.