Support provided by UNDP to Local Communities in Central River Region (CRR) in Sustainable Forest Management and Livelihood Improvement

Sep 22, 2015

Tree Nursery management in CRR

Despite the pivotal role of natural resources in food security and community livelihoods, The Gambia’s natural environment, including the forest cover, continued to deteriorate due primarily to over exploitation, rampant bushfires and the non-realization of benefits from forest resources. 

To address this situation, UNDP Country Office, in 2014 and 2015, provided support to build capacity of existing Forest   Committees (FC) and Joint Forest Park Management (JFPM) committees in Central river Region (CRR) North in tree nursery management and agro-forestry practices. Eighty (80) CF/JFPM committee members were trained as Training of Trainers (TOT), and about 15,000 different tree seedling nursery developed. The sale of seedling to needy institutions and the public at large contributed to community income generation, employment creation, degraded forest cover regeneration and improved forest resource management among others.

Further, with UNDP’s support, 8 CF/JFPM committees currently engaged in beekeeping were trained in modern beekeeping production and value addition techniques. From the 8 FP/JFPM committees, 35 representatives were trained as TOTs in honey harvesting, processing and value addition using modern techniques.

This further shows the importance of beekeeping as a livelihood venture and as a tool to sustainably exploit non-timber forest resources for food security and income generation.