Inclusive Growth

  • This project supports developing a National Human Development Report through participatory processes for informing pro-poor policy and planning. It helps in developing and implementing the MDGs Acceleration Framework (MAF) to address lagging MDGs at central and local levels,

  • The project objectives include the following: Supporting the update and implementation of the National Strategy for the development of statistics; assessing and strengthening the capacities of relevant planning, M&E units and statistical offices to produce quality and timely national statistics at central and decentralized levels; supporting the regular updates of GamInfo and the development of Labour Market Information Systems (LMIS).

  • The Gambia is a youthful nation with over 60% of its population under the age of 30 years. However, unemployment among the youth is highest and remains a major national challenge. Of the employment youth, only 20% are in the agricultural sector. Yet agriculture is the most critical sector for economic expansion to absorb unemployed youth, boost food production and for poverty reduction. Addressing rural youth needs is therefore fundamental to achieving the MDGs, particularly Target 16 ‘to develop and implement strategies for decent and productive work for youth’, and the other MDG targets to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, promote gender equality, empower women, and ensure environmental sustainability.

  • Since March 2014, West Africa has been confronted with an unprecedented Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. Despite all efforts made by Governments of the affected countries, and the International Community, the epidemic continues to claim many victims. To prevent further spread of the epidemic, countries are being supported to develop and finalize their preparedness plans for appropriate response in case of an outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease.

  • The overall objective of the EMPRETEC project is to bring about a transformational change in unleashing the growth potential of micro and small-scale enterprises by 2017 through entrepreneurial skills training and provision of a comprehensive range of business advisory services. The project is to be established under the EMPRETEC framework of the UNCTAD initiative and will seek to promote entrepreneurship as a vital component of economic growth and development, develop entrepreneurship strategy, identify and select growth-oriented enterprises as well as potential entrepreneurs, unemployed youth and women entrepreneurs and farmers and provide them with entrepreneurship training and a comprehensive and integrated range of business development services in Banjul and in all the other regions of The Gambia.

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