Establishment of EMPRETEC Model of Enterprise Support Programme


The Gambia Vision 2020 development blue print of the Government of The Gambia seeks to consolidate the positive development outcomes attained in the PRSP I and II of 2007-2011 and the on-going Program for Accelerated Growth and Employment (PAGE) of 2012-2015 to bring about broad-based and transformative structural changes required to stir the economy on rapid growth path toward becoming a middle income country by 2020. The Gambia intends to significantly increase the welfare of The Gambia’s population through accelerated and sustained economic growth and employment. This development goal is especially anchored on human resource development thereby stimulating rapid growth and structural transformation of agriculture, rapid industrialization, trade, tourism, and financial services in ways that enhance wealth creation and expansion of employment opportunities in the economy. The agricultural transformation in the smallholder sector is underpinned by the need to scale-up best practices to increase agricultural productivity, expanding land under irrigation, and transitioning farmers towards the production of high-value crops through targeted extensions services aimed at changing their mindset so that they can perceive and take farming as a business and not merely as a traditional way of life. 


  • A functional project management team well equipped with system established
  • Engaged EMPRETEC Ghana within south-south cooperation to provide technical guidance and supervision of the project
  • Eighteen entrepreneurship training programmes, four business development services training, and two accelerated training of trainer’s workshops held.
  • A total of 700 entrepreneurs trained of which half are women and over 50 per cent are youths. Other participants included retirees, farmers, people living with disabilities and another elderly people. A total of twenty five business development services trainers trained and are providing services to over 204 business along the length of the country.
  • A core of seventeen entrepreneurship trainers on the training programme leading to UNCTAD certification after completing the required twenty one modules each
  • Nine apprentice have successfully completed their apprenticeship and are now part of the trainee trainers
  • Two hundred and four businesses are provided with quality business development services


UNDP allocated US$2, 000,000 and Gambia government provided US$374,748 for the first three years of the project.

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