Strengthened pro-poor policy, planning and budgeting capacities of national and local level institutions


Developing a National Human Development Report (NHDR) through participatory processes for informing pro-poor policy and planning; developing and implementing the MDGs Acceleration Framework (MAF) to address lagging MDGs at central and local levels, preparing MDG bi-annual national reports; supporting the development and implementation of aid coordination policy; creating innovative partnerships and approaches for resource mobilisation for key national development programmes and strategies;  and strengthening evidence-based monitoring, evaluation and reporting of key national development programs and strategies.

The CO will also support policy development for inclusive financial services (credit, money transfer, savings and  insurances), sustainable energy services, information and communication technologies; support sectoral public expenditure reviews, including public expenditure tracking and gender-responsive budgeting; encourage and facilitate policy dialogue, including South-South cooperation to inform policy development and implementation; and support local ownership and participatory processes in the design and implementation of planning, budgeting and economic reform efforts.


A National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2012 on Youth Employment is produced and empirical evidence on youth and employment situation in the Gambia is now available. A total of 350 participants from LGAs, Govt, NGOs, private sectors and local communities in 5 regions and 2 municipalities were sensitized on the key findings of MDGs 2012 report. Following the policy profiling exercise and the establishment of documentation center at the Policy Analysis Unit (PAU) of Office of President, a total of 130 Policies and Acts were documented and are now accessible to all citizens. A total of 150 local private sector participants participated in a resource mobilization forum which sensitizes them to mobilize resources for the implementation of MAF/PAGE/MDGs. 3 staffs of Ministry of Finance and Economic Affair (MOFEA) were enhanced on MTEF management from a two weeks study tour to Zambia under South-South Cooperation. Capacity of MOFEA staffs improved on debt management, recording, analysis and reporting. A Socio-Economic profile, a 5 year Strategic Plan and Institutional Development plan were developed for Kuntaur Area Council. The nationwide media sensitization through radio, TV and the website increased public awareness on VAT process. Training and provision of VAT guideline increased capacity of the staff and resulted in increased TAX revenue by 5 percent in 2013 compared to last year.


The project is funded from the UNDP core budget to the tune of $1.83 million while other donors such as FAO, WFP, UNECA, IMF, World Bank and ADB provided $350,000. The 2013 delivery stood at 99%.

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